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Buyer's Guide

If you are ready to purchase a firearm we can help you get started!

To acquire a handgun in the State of Hawaii, an individual must attend and complete a handgun safety course taught by a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  The handgun safety course offered through GunSource includes a 4 hour classroom portion where students learn basic safety and shooting principles, as well as the laws pertaining to firearm ownership, transportation, and use of firearms in the State of Hawaii.  After the classroom portion of the course, we venture to the pistol range at Kokohead Shooting Complex.  There we spend 2 hours of practical shooting time, using an assortment of pistols and applying the concepts learned earlier in the day.  At the end of this session, each student will receive a notarized affidavit, attesting to their successful completion of the course. 

Scheduled class are held on the third Sunday of every month, with private lessons, classes, and advanced courses available on an appointment basis.

After you have recieved your affidavit head on down to GunSource and make your firearm selection.  Take your affidavit and firearm purchase receipt to HPD where you will be fingerprinted if it's your first firearm purchase in Hawaii.  Permit approval takes 14 days in the stae of Hawaii.  If the permit is approved return to HPD and retrieve your firearm permit.  At that point, simply take your permit back to GunSource and pick up your new firearm.  To complete the process, take your newly purchased firearm to HPD so they can complete the registration process.  After that it's all yours!

If you need help with this process give us a call at 808-944-3850 and we can assist you in achieving your firearm purchase!